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Personal and commercial brand strategy, social media management, creation and development of sales funnels, constant updates of textual and visual content.

Impact is a luxury real estate agency in Cannes and its surroundings, building plots in Mougins and in the hinterland, as well as exceptional properties for seasonal rental in Cannes, and on the French Riviera.

Réaliste agency has massively promoted the brand to the Russian and Russian-speaking market community. The combination of social media campaigns and constant creation of visual and textual content online had a huge impact on attracting the target audience and promoting sales. Réaliste has also regularly worked on online advertising campaigns. In the future, it is planned to design and create a website in Russian to reach out clients in Russian-speaking regions.

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Impact Team

I want to Thank Réaliste Team for high class professionalism. Professionalism that goes hand in hand with well-coordinated and precise work of the entire team in a kind and sincere atmosphere.

Thank you for your comprehension! The team understands me, knows my emotions, catches my style, and most importantly, expresses thoughts in my own words.
And most importantly, thank you for the inspiration. Your inspiration for the production of ingenious projects, and implementation reveals new potentials in me: thanks to you, I understand what I would like to do in life.

Thanks to you for generation new impulse and new energy. 

Your team - is a high mark of quality and reliability. I believe in you with all my heart and soul ❤️ and thank you for being there.

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