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Online advertising campaigns, supporting of brand identity on social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook), market understanding, online analytics and regular reports, engagement rates.

The ISOPS is a school of public speaking located in Azerbaijan aiming to help people realise their potential through giving them the skills and confidence in public speaking to articulate their ideas and share them with others.

Working with ISOPS business school was a profound example of how Réaliste agency has integrated and developed a deliberate social media strategy aimed at targeting and attracting potential clients. Réaliste has made a huge difference to ISOPS market performance in a short period of time due to advanced Facebook and Instagram consulting. The consulting process included social media training campaigns, an in-deep market understanding, and online analytics to help the company with setting up the advertisement and expand the consumers’ volume.


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Managing Director ISOPS 

After working with some local and international Social Media Marketing companies, we ended up with frustration - Loss of money, time and energy!

Recently, I had a privilege to talk to Digital Marketing Expert - Xenia Synkova about this trouble. She did a magical touch - showed me some tips & tricks about social media. 

In a few days, we couldn't believe the results - it made a big difference in such a short time. I really recommend her for those who still have not utilized or seen the power of their social media accounts!

Kenan Mamedov

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