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Creation of a social media strategy and online advertising campaigns, product profile visual development, website traffic growth, creation of brand identity on social media platforms, evaluation of market competitiveness, exact target audience definition, copywriting, textual content creation, targeted advertisement, and development of collaborations with bloggers. 

PRX-T33 is a beauty product designed to stimulate skin regeneration without entailing exfoliation of the epidermis.

Réaliste has developed a versatile strategy to fully represent PRX-T33 brand awareness and expand target audience within the beauty industry. Simple yet clear content was the major goal in cooperating with bloggers and therefore increasing sales and reach of potential customers. Increased consumer volume and regular online “giveaways” have resulted in a decent growth of consumers’ volume. Additionally, sales growth was achieved by engaging potential customers in the story behind the company’s core activity — beauty treatment. Developing seminars and strategies for professional and home treatments also have positively improved the audience outreach. In addition, Réaliste engaged in organization of the product’s professional photoshoot as part of profile redesigning and creating the visual content of PRX-T33.

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 Distributors PRX-T33 medical cosmetics

On my own behalf and on behalf of our TAS company, I would like to thank Réaliste team for cooperation. We have been working with Xenia for three years and all this time she has shown herself to be a real professional in her field - creatively, in an organized manner, quickly and with a very high quality of the assigned tasks. We are very pleased with the cooperation!  We will definitely continue to work together and we recommend Réaliste to everyone, as true professionals who love their job :)


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