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Creation of a social media strategy and online advertising campaigns, content creation and constant social media updates, market analytics, collaboration with artists, setting up interviews, gaining engagement rates within an active target audience.

Yury Kunets is a Russian composer of symphonic and piano music working together with Emmy & Grammy award winning artists.


While working with Yury Kunets Réaliste Agency has developed

a step-by-step social media campaign in order to increase

a target audience rate. The main pillars of the ongoing strategy was a creation and promotion of online content that has textually and visually covered Kunets’ social media accounts.

Constant updates have shown a positive tendency towards reaching out potential listeners who would be interested in following and supporting Yury’s projects. In order to establish

a ‘brand name’ Réaliste has also created a personal webpage

for Yury.

Also, online campaigns and CD-giveaways have achieved a favourable trend within the listeners who would more eagerly establish a contact with the artist. Additionally, Réaliste is creating content on a constant basis such as Instagram/Facebook/Tik Tok posts or Q&A sessions with Kunets’.

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I have been working with Réaliste for 3 years already and would like to say a big thanks to the team of creative, young and professional people!
Their professionalism can be proven with the results which we have achieved trough this time. I would like to emphasise their great campaigns and promotion on digital platforms which led me into top charts among instrumental music! What I really love about working with Réaliste team that their solutions are always creative, up-to-date and most importantly cost efficient. 
With the great pleasure I would recommend to work with Réaliste as their ideas, strategy continuously strive to improve profits, productivity and performance targets!

Yury Kunets


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